Our Policy

Our Policy

Our Quality Policy

We have adopted the following as our duties and objectives

*Timely delivery of products

*Use of materials that are most appropriate for purposes of avoiding harm to our employees and the environment

*Provision of products and services at the lowest costs possible by means of eliminating waste and excessive consumption

*Ensuring maximum level of customer satisfaction

Our Environmental Policy

*Minimization of waste and support for recycling

*Raising awareness for successful environmentalism in our employees and training for providing all employees with a sense of personal responsibility

*Planning and application of measures that will minimize environmental damage in cases of any accidents or emergencies that may occur during business operations

*Minimization of the production of waste that is harmful for the environmen

*Compliance with all local and national laws and regulations, as well as international recommendations, that are related to the environment

*Prevention of pollution right at its source by taking into consideration the environmental effects of our products in the stages of design, production, distribution, usage and disposal

*Striving at maximum level to prevent environmental pollution

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy we have adopted involves the following:

*Continuous self-development and aiming to set an example for the sector by means of risk analyses, corrective and preventive actions, and close tracking of technological developments

*Taking into consideration the health and safety of our employees, as well as customers, suppliers and visitors throughout the establishment of all health and safety plans

*Taking dangerous situations under control and minimizing accidents and illnesses through the participation of all employees

*Full compliance with legal requirements in all business operations and continuous tracking of all updates in the relevant laws

*Raising awareness of our employees, customer and suppliers on occupational health and safety by informing them on the subject